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Contact Us

Mailing Addresses:
1100 Berkshire Blvd.,
Suite 301,
P.O. Box 5828,
Wyomissing, PA19610

3821 East Main Street
Morgantown, PA 19543

(610) 779-0772
(610) 779-7473

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Direct e-mail to our attorneys:

Patrick T. Barrett
Christopher Hartman

Elizabeth A. Magovern
Charles N. Shurr, Jr.
Lawrence J. Valeriano Jr.

Of Counsel:
Paul T. Essig
Gregory Hartman

James W. Bentz
Dominic A. DeCecco

Brett M. Fegely
Michelle R. Mayfield


Direct e-mail to our staff:

Cynthia A. Barto
Jane L. Coombs
Kelsey L. Fox
Denise J. Gabala
Marianne Phillips
Sharon L. Riley
Frances M. Stofko
Sondra L. Valeriano




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